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MT VIP Payment

Update: 2021-10-09

Good news, now you only need to visit, enter your username and complete the payment, wait a few seconds, the VIP will be activated automatically.

Note: Do not enter your username incorrectly!

Google has banned the reverse function for apk and MT was removed from Play Store, so you can no longer download and purchase MT there.

But you can still use PayPal to purchase, please transfer directly to us according to the price below, and note your MT username when transferring (this is very important).

  • Lifetime: 20 USD
  • One year: 8 USD
  • One month: 1 USD

Click PayPal.Me or enter the ID “” on PayPal to transfer money to us.

We will activate VIP for you after receiving the payment (without any notice, please refresh and check in MT). This process is manual and may take some time, but generally it will not be very long, unless it is bedtime at that time: )

The latest version of MT can download from the forum.

For convenience, we will not send you the key but directly activate the VIP. If you need the key (for example, to a friend), please indicate in the notes that you want the key and what your email address is.